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2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52


past tense: cleansed; past participle: cleansed
  1. make (something, especially the skin) thoroughly clean.
    “This preparation will cleanse and tighten the skin”
    • rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling.
      “the mission to cleanse the nation of subversives”
    • free (someone) from sin or guilt.


1.5 years

I have waited 1.5 years to feel fully cleansed from the biggest decision I had made that had been a long time coming.
It was hard.
There were tears.
It was rough.
I almost cracked.
There was guilt.
I hated feeling like the bad guy.


I felt free.
I felt safe.
Weight was lifted.
There was healing.
There was growth.
And I cannot control how I am perceived in someone else’s story.
In my story, I did everything I could have until I had nothing left to give.

I have cleansed myself all by myself for myself.


A performance-based portrait series is created with the camera in mind, with the final image being the utmost importance. The outcome is generally unknown since the performance is unpredictable, however, this performance has been described above to support the following images and assisting the viewer in understanding the metaphor in coming to the outcome I the artist desires for the audience. The entire set of these images are dependent upon each other for a complete performance.
The single project 4/52 image falls in the middle of this set.

DSCF0325 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52DSCF0327 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52


DSCF0332 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52DSCF0333 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52DSCF0334 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52DSCF0335 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52DSCF0336 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52DSCF0329 scaled(pp w768 h511) - 2020 PROJECT 52: 4/52






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