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Ogden’s 25th Street

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 2019 Ogden 52 Photo Showcase! A friend of mine had been selected and had her chosen neighborhood assigned and for some personal reason was unable to fulfill her task so I took over for her! This was a super neat experience, and a showcase I had never heard of!

The project is a showcase of images from all over downtown Ogden, Utah. The founders of the project divides a map of Ogden up into 52 different neighborhoods and assigns each little neighborhood to a specific card within the deck.

The card my friend had drawn that I took over was the 2 of Diamonds and its assigned neighborhood was between 24th and 26th street and between Wall Ave. and Lincoln Ave.

So I picked up the camera and headed out on a walk all over the neighborhood parameters. I did not want a typical shot that screamed 25th street or downtown Ogden for that matter. I wanted an image that required thought and provoked the viewer to go find the location of the photo. Often times we are surface people, rarely do we look beneath the surface or for deeper meaning in anything.  As you know, I am a deep person so this was nothing short of normal for me.

Yes, I took my image on 25th street, but I took it within a shop located on 25th street. I walked inside Waffle Love and learned there was an Art Gallery upstairs so of course, I went on up to check it out. Gorgeous work was on display by the way! Something about the light and the windows caught my eye and I had to sit and enjoy it for a long couple of minutes. I decided to take a few pictures of it and I knew right then and there this would be the image I submitted to the show. But because of who I am, I continued to take pictures thinking I might end up choosing something else when I went through them later. I didn’t change my mind. The stairwell was the final image even though all the rest were very close contenders. The showcase was put on by Nurture the Creative Mind located in the Union Station there on Wall Ave.

The gallery open date was December 6th, 2019. It was a great experience and I look forward to being apart of Ogden 52 showcases in the future!

?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3DcGcq5CZlxWYjNXL5kjN181RNl0L0N3bw1SM0kTNtkDMvQDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - Ogden's 25th Street?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3DcGcq5CZlxWYjNXL1kjN181RNl0L0N3bw1SM0kTNtkDMvQDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - Ogden's 25th Street?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3DcGcq5CZlxWYjNXL4kjN181RNl0L0N3bw1SM0kTNtkDMvQDMvAjMwIjf&width=768 - Ogden's 25th Street

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