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2020 PROJECT 52: 18/52

Who are my readers?
What do you love to read?
What speaks to you?
What do you relate most to?

I do not consider myself a reader. However, I do read.
It takes something pretty powerful to keep my attention.
I have found some amazing authors though that have me hook line and sinker.
I’m in all the way.

I love sappy love stories.
I love the slightly dirty novels.
But, mostly I really love romance and happy endings.
Anything by Samantha Christy or Colleen Hoover… you won’t be able to get my attention for a long while.

My other guilty pleasure is poetry.
And, Atticus Poetry is a gold mine.

I have never related to someone’s words so much in my life.

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Words are a very powerful thing.

they can break you and they can mend you

they can be full of rage and they can be full of love

they can heal the heart or they can turn it to stone

they can cause guilt and regret and they can admit wrongs and be apologies

Words are a very powerful tool, the only thing that trumps someone’s word is their actions.


Aside from the fact that I haven’t curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee in a long time (adding to my to-do list right now) I often read and reread Attius’ Poetry throughout the day every day because I relate to almost all of them.

I have a lot of heartaches and hurt that trails behind me daily.
But, the words of love and laughter are the ones that I am constantly daydreaming of.

All three of his books are my favorite, every poem or thought he has written speaks to me in various volumes.
As I pulled out my books for this week’s portraits I randomly opened the book and began reading and each time it opened to the few poems that have really truly resonated with me.

I am a sucker for the sweet romantic things- write me a poem, be vulnerable, speak from your soul, and love me deeply.
And one day I will only know love and honesty instead of hurt and betrayal.


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